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An Clachan Tenants


Lease Term for An Clachan

3:00PM September 1 to 12:00 Noon August 31

For Rent

Applications for September 2024 is now closed.

See “Applications” below for more details.

Moving In to An Clachan

Moving Out of An Clachan

An Clachan has three addresses:

47 Van Order Drive
Kingston, Ontario
K7M 1B6
17 Van Order Dr.
Kingston, Ontario
K7M 1B5
15 MacPherson Ave.,
Kingston, Ontario
K7M 2W8

An Clachan (Gaelic for small village) is a university-owned and managed complex providing housing for students and their families in a safe neighbourhood close to shopping, libraries and fitness facilities.

The complex is comprised of a series of 19 apartment buildings containing of a total of 260 spacious 1 bedroom,  2 bedroom, and 3 bedroom apartments located within a short transit ride to main campus, or a ten minute walk to west campus. The buildings are separated into three blocks (Buildings 1-5, Buildings 6-12, Buildings 13-19). Each building has three floors, with no elevators.

Students apply together for a unit, and are “jointly and severally liable” for all provisions of the lease for the unit; that is to say students rent the entire unit or house as a ‘household’; and not by the bedroom. We do not pair roommates together, as we want to ensure you select a household that you know, trust, and respect. Alternatively, many students will rent a unit for themselves and their family members.

An Clachan is classified as a student residence. Therefore, for income tax purposes, a maximum of $25 per year may be claimed for rent.

Types of ApartmentsAn Clachan living room looking towards window

Features and Services

  • On-site Community Coordinator for advice and activities
  • On-site Laundry Rooms
  • Close to schools, grocery stores, & shopping
  • Close to public transit
  • Central courtyard with playground
  • All utilities included (heat, water, electricity)
  • Internet & cable is extra
  • Bright spacious units with in-unit storage room
  • Fridge and stove included
  • Limited furnished units available

How to Apply/Eligibility

Applications for An Clachan are available subject to apartment availability. Most leases have annual start dates of September 1. Leases are typically for 12 months.


You must be a full-time, on campus, registered Queen’s students in good standing with the University.  Please be sure to include your Queen’s student number and a current email address (preferably your @queensu.ca account) on your application. We will send you an email to let you know that your application has been received. Successful applicants will be notified by email of rental offers as they are available; please be sure to check your email regularly as there is a limited timeframe in which to respond. If you have email filtering activated, please be sure to add community.housing@queensu.ca to your safe list.

An Clachan Sample Lease

Occupancy limits apply per section (c) of the Ontario Building Code are two persons per sleeping room or sleeping area in a dwelling unit or suite.

Students requiring Special Consideration

Queen’s Community Housing strives to provide the best possible environment for students to achieve their academic goals. The residential rental properties owned by Queen’s University and managed by Community Housing are not handicapped accessible housing. Tenants/occupants have the opportunity to view the unit personally or have an agent view the unit prior to signing a lease and should be able to make an informed decision if the unit meets their individual needs as the unit is presented. However, there may be unique circumstances where a tenant/occupant may request special consideration. Community Housing cannot guarantee to accommodate all requests for special consideration.

Not all disabilities or medical conditions require special assignment or considerations. The documentation completed by the medical professional must verify the tenant has a disability or medical condition but not the specific diagnosis, and identify the functional limitation (if any) related to the disability or medical condition.

Should you have questions regarding this or would like to make a request for consideration, please contact Community Housing by emailing community.housing@queensu.ca.


Applications for the lottery of An Clachan and John Orr Tower leases beginning September 1, 2024, is now closed. It was open the afternoon of May 23rd, 2024 to 4:00PM EST, May 29th, 2024 in the Mercury Student Portal. All eligible applicants that submit during the May 23rd – May 29th window have equal opportunity to receive a lease offer but are not guaranteed.

Email notification has been distributed to all successful applicants for the 2024 lottery. If you have not received any email communication from Community Housing, you were unfortunately unsuccessful in the lottery. Your position in the lottery will be held until all available units have been allocated, should anyone decline their lease offering.

The process of application has changed this year, as Community Housing is switching to a lottery system. Applications will be accepted and processed through Mercury. The application can be found in the Mercury Student Portal. As the application is open for six days and is based on a lottery system, there is no need to rush to submit your application on day one.

Only one application is to be filled out for your family/group. Information for all intended occupants must be included.

We understand that there is a high demand for Queen’s-owned housing and that you may be disappointed should you not receive a lease offer. For assistance and guidance on finding alternative housing in Kingston, please reach out to the Off-Campus Living Advisor, and be sure to check listings on the Queen’s Accommodation Listing Service frequently for available rentals from local landlords.

To prepare for submitting your application, have the following information ready:

  • Full legal name
  • Student Number
  • Student ID
  • Student Status (Only Graduate students are eligible for An Clachan & John Orr Tower)
  • Expected graduation date
  • Queen’s email address
  • Birthdate
  • Current living address and contact phone number
  • Name and birthdate of each individual that will be living in the apartment (roommates, spouse, children/dependents included).

Rent Information and Rates

Rent information:
Rent is due on the 1st day of each month.
Community Housing accepts one payment only per unit.  “Split rent” payments are permitted only when Pre Authorized Debit Forms (for the balance of the lease term) are submitted by all members of the rental unit; all required documentation for the unit must be received as a package by the 15th day of the month preceding the month to start split rent payments (i.e.  April 15 for May leases, August 15 for September leases).  Where tenants choose to split rent payments for their unit in this way, the total of the amounts to be debited each month must equal the monthly rent.
Units choosing to pay rent in one monthly installment may also use the Pre Authorized Debit Agreement Forms, pay by cash, debit, money order to the Community Housing office so that it is received by the first day of each month.  If your unit chooses to leave post-dated cheques, your unit will need to provide a series of post-dated cheques for the full lease term, for the total monthly rent, dated for the first day of each month.
Late Rent, Overdue Accounts, and Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF)
If rent is not paid by the first day each month or a cheque is returned for any reason or we are unsuccessful in debiting funds through automatic debit due to non-sufficient funds (NSF), Funds held, Funds not cleared, cannot trace etc, the full rent charge will be added along with an additional administration fee (this is separate from the fee charged by your bank). Only cash, interac, money order, or certified cheque will be accepted for payment of rent and the NSF fee in these situations (these cannot be added to your next pre-authorized debit payment).
On a first time failure to pay full rent (including NSFs), the unit will be sent a letter requesting payment. Failure to respond to that notice or a second rent related problem will end the privilege of split rent payments for the unit for the duration of the lease and result in the filing of a L9 Application to Collect Rent The Tenant Owes with the Landlord and Tenant Board. This carries an additional charge and involves a hearing in front of the Board (unless the rent due, NSF fees and the filing fee are paid in advance of the hearing). Subsequent rent related problems will result in additional L9 Applications and/or lead to eviction proceedings. While this is the usual process, the University reserves the right to move directly to the “N4 – Notice to End a Tenancy Early for Nonpayment of Rent” and/or “L9 – Application to Collect Rent the Tenant Owes”, as permitted by the Residential Tenancies Act in regards to late rent.  Most importantly, poor rent payment history will prevent tenants from being able to rent a Queen’s owned property in the future. 
Where there are outstanding debts, any payments received from tenants will be applied first to the outstanding debt with any remaining balance applied against current charges. It is the responsibility of the tenant(s) to ensure the unit account remains in good standing.
We do not track individual payments – outstanding amounts are charged to the unit/household. Household members are responsible for tracking their payments. There is an administrative fee to have our records searched.
Outstanding accounts owed to Community Housing is considered debts to the University. They are reported to the University on a monthly basis. All sanctions apply to these outstanding accounts, including withholding of marks, transcripts and blocking of registration.
Please remember, all tenants of a unit are “jointly and severally” responsible for any debts of that unit. Even if you have an agreement with your roommates to split the rent payments, if one does not pay everyone is held responsible for the debt.
Note 1: accepted methods of payment – pre-authorized debit, cash, cheque, money order, interac, in CANADIAN funds only.
Note 2: we cannot accept future rent payments other than via post dated cheques/pre-authorized debits
Note 3: we understand circumstances sometime crop up where special consideration may be warranted for late payment of rent. When this happens, tenants should send in a request for consideration to Community Housing by emailing community.housing@queensu.ca outlining a) what the exceptional circumstance is and b) the timeframe that we should expect rent payment. If such a request is received, reviewed and found that an exception to pay late should be granted, it would be understood that this is a one-time exception not an on-going arrangement.
Other Fees
There are other fees applicable from time to time. The list below illustrates some of the more common ones but is not an all inclusive list:
  • Extra Appliances: Advance permission must be received from the Manager, Community Housing and/or designate before any additional appliances may be brought into/installed in/used in (e.g. air conditioner, extra fridge, deep freeze,space heater, washer, dryer, dishwasher) the rental unit. Additional charges may apply
  • Garbage: Warnings will be issued for garbage not disposed of properly. Repeat offenders will be fined each time the landlord has to pick-up and dispose of garbage mishandled.
  • License Plate Numbers & Proof of Ownership (registration): must be submitted to Community Housing. Please note: Unregistered vehicles parked in Tenant parking areas are subject to municipal tickets and towing
  • Paint: please refer to Tenant Handbook, Alterations section – not to make alterations including paint and wallpaper – costs for restoring colour/condition immediately will be attributed to the tenant
  • Satellite Dishes: Satellite dishes may not be installed in Community Housing Properties
  • Cleaning: Tenants must leave their unit thoroughly cleaned and in a ready to rent condition upon vacating. Charges will be assessed for cleaning, damages, etc. as applicable.


Effective September 1, 2024 (Includes: Heat, Water, and Electricity)

# of BedroomsFurnished?Lease TermMonthly RentNotes
1Yes8Not AvailablePlease contact Community Housing 
2Yes8Not AvailablePlease contact Community Housing 
3No12$1,181.00 *limited

An Clachan Tenant Handbook 2022-2023

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Community Coordinator

Community Housing has a Community Coordinator who is a resource for tenants and their families living in the An Clachan community. They assist tenants adjust to life in An Clachan and surrounding Kingston community while developing a climate that enhances safety, support, trust, inclusion and learning in a collaborative and diverse environment.

Amy Okesola – Community Coordinator 
Should you be interested in helping out and/or have suggestions for events/activities at this time or in the future please drop by 07-103 during office hours or send an email.

Check out the monthly calendar of events!

Services, Amenities and Resources


  • A storage room is located within each apartment. A number of tenants use this area to store their bikes.
  • Common interior bike storage rooms. Tenants must apply for use of this area (An Clachan bike room application form), space is limited, no guarantee on availability.
  • Exterior bike racks. The exterior bike racks are monitored by Queen’s Parking (Bicycle Parking Regulations).


  • Parking is not included in rent. There is limited active parking available for Tenants. Tenants must register their vehicle with Community Housing to receive a parking hang tag which permits the tenant to park in any of the An Clachan parking spaces except those designated as Visitor Parking, Reserved Parking or Service Vehicle Parking. At this time, Community Housing is not charging an additional parking fee for these spaces.  Parking fees may be subject to change at a later date.
  • Unregistered vehicles parked in tenant parking areas are subject to municipal tickets and towing of said vehicle at the owner’s risk and expense.
  • We have a limited number of reserved parking spaces with electrical receptacles. These spaces are reserved 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There is a non-refundable annual fee for the use of these reserved parking spaces. If you are interested in a reserved parking space please complete and submit a Request for Reserved Parking Form. Unauthorized use of the reserved parking spaces will result in the unauthorized vehicle being towed at the owner’s risk and expense.
  • Tenants wanting to park in the un-serviced and/or designated reserved spaces must be registered with the Community Housing Office every lease period to receive a current parking permit hang tag.
  • Queen’s Parking monitors the parking lots at An Clachan – including issuing parking infraction tickets.
  • Note1: The parking lot near building 5 is reserved for Maintenance Service Vehicles ONLY.

Visitor Parking:

  • Limited visitor parking is available at An Clachan: 6 spaces at the south end across from 17 Van Order Drive – Building #6-12 entrance – corner of Sir John A. and Norman Rogers; and 4 spaces across from 47 Van order Drive – Building #1 and 2 – north of the entrance off MacPherson Avenue.
  • Any vehicles without permits parking in areas not signed for visitors will be ticketed and/or towed.


  • There are six well-equipped, laundry rooms. They are located on the ground floor of buildings 1, 5, 8, 11, 14 and 17.
  • Please visit Coinamatic for Service Requests or for Refund Requests.
  • All tenants are required to download the Coinamatic CP mobile app from Apple Store or Google Play to pay for their washing and drying.
  • For those without a smartphone, you will be able to purchase a new laundry card directly from a Card Reload Kiosk.

Card Reload Kiosk Locations:

  1. An Clachan – 47 Van Order Drive, in the lobby of Building 5
  2. Victoria Hall on campus

Laundry Room Hours

  • The laundry rooms are locked 24/7 and accessible by using your building key. Tenants are asked to be considerate of others by using the laundry rooms between the hours of 8:00 am and 10:00 pm only (last load should be in a machine no later than 9:30 pm).

Laundry left in machines

  • Please ensure prompt removal of your clothing from the machines so other tenants may use them. Items left in the laundry room are left at the tenant’s own risk.

Garbage and Recycling

  • Domestic garbage, cardboard and other recyclable items should be deposited in the designated exterior bins by building 5.

Fire Safety

  • Fire safety is always important.
  • The best way to learn how to protect yourself and those around you is by reading our fire safety document. In it you will find information about what to do in case of a fire or fire alarm.
  • Each of our units and our buildings are equipped with fire detection devices. To learn more about the fire detection models present in your unit and building follow the links below.
  • An Clachan fire devices
An Clachan Community Garden


  • Kingston Transit provides service to other areas of the city that tenants may wish to visit. For tenants in An Clachan there are bus stops within walking distance and a transfer point at the Kingston Centre, which is a 15 minute walk from An Clachan. For those wishing to access other areas of the city there are many routes and schedules accessible to tenants.  Visit the Kingston Transit website for details.

Thinking about Hosting An Event at Your Place?

As tenants, you and your guests are part of the Kingston community and should promote positive relations with the City and your neighbours.

Tips for Responsible Hosting

When hosting a gathering at your place, there are few things you can do to support a respectful and safe environment:

  • Follow the current restrictions on gatherings and ensure you and your guests follow Public Health guidelines.
  • Read Kingston’s bylaws around Noise and Nuisance Parties
  • Keep music and guests at an appropriate and manageable level
  • Decide on a guest list ahead of time and stick to it
  • Have food and water for your guests

If you are concerned about uninvited guests near your residence or should you witness unsafe and/or negative behavior we encourage you to report it to Kingston Police and/or Queen’s Campus Security.

Learn more about your responsibilities as a host from Queen’s Legal Aid

  1. University District Safety Initiative
  2. Nuisance Party Bylaw 
  3. Non-Academic Misconduct

For a Life-Threatening Emergency
Call 911 and/or Queen’s 24-hour Campus Security and Emergency Services at 613-533-6111

Assignment and Sublet Process

Lease Assignments will no longer be permitted in all Community Housing properties. Students that wish to end their lease early will be permitted to do so. If you are seeking assignment of your lease, please contact Community Housing.

All leases for Queen’s owned rental units are rented on fixed terms with defined end dates. Occasionally, there may be situations where a student who is in a current lease needs or wants to leave Kingston or the rental unit (e.g. for work study, research assignment, graduation, etc.).
Under the RTA, the University is exempt from the clause(s) that require a landlord to permit a sub-tenancy or assignment. Permission to sublet must be granted by Community Housing BEFORE anyone other than the named tenants and occupants live in the unit. Tenants should not advertise or guarantee any option to renew the lease for the unit. No requests to sublet will be granted for only the last month of the lease term.


  • The tenant wishes to leave the unit and not return before the end of the lease term will be allowed to do so at no cost to the tenant
  • Community Housing is not currently allowing for assignment of lease agreements


  • All tenants and occupants are going to vacate the unit for a period of time and return to the unit before the end of the lease term
  • The subtenant must be a registered Queen’s student in good standing with the University
  • The full amount of rent will continue to be paid to Community Housing by the tenant. The subtenant will pay rent to the tenant
  • Subtenants do not have any reapplication rights for the unit


This process can take 6-10 business days provided all requirements are met.

  1. The tenant must complete and submit a Tenant Request to Sublease form to the Community Housing office. An application from the potential subtenant may be submitted at this time.
  2. Upon receipt of the application an inspection of the unit may be scheduled. This is usually within 5 to 10 business days of the submission of the application however will be no more than 60 days prior to the start date of the sublet. The inspection will review the unit for any damages and cleanliness of the unit. The unit must meet the inspection requirements to pass. If the unit does not meet inspection requirements the tenant will receive instructions of what must be done in order to pass the inspection. Once the issues have been addressed the tenant can request another inspection. There is a fee of $25 for any follow-up inspections. This amount must be paid before the inspection will be scheduled.
  3. Once an application from a potential subtenant has been received it will be reviewed for eligibility.
  4. The agreement for sublet will be produced by the Community Housing office. Signature from all parties are required.
  5. The transfer of keys is the responsibility of the tenant.

Please note: Community Housing does not clean the unit before a subtenant moves in. Tenants/sub-tenants currently residing in a Community Housing unit will not be approved as applicants for sub-tenancy for the same lease period in another Community Housing unit.

Request to Sublet form – This form is to be completed by the tenant(s) who want to sublet a Community Housing unit they currently live in.

Sublease Application form – This form is to be completed by the student who wants to sublet or assign a unit from a current tenant of An Clachan or John Orr Tower.

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