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Landlord Contract Program

Queen’s runs a voluntary program for landlords who have had their units inspected by an independent third party for compliance with the City of Kingston’s property standards by-law. This By-law describes standards for such items as pest prevention, structural soundness, windows and doors, kitchens, walls, ceilings, floors, egress, steps, handrails, heating systems, bathrooms, ventilation, and yards. The Tri-Colour Flag logo on the Accommodation Listing Service indicates that the unit is part of the Program and as such has been inspected within the last 12 months and appears to meet the City’s minimum property standards as of a specific date.

Units that are under the Landlord Contract Program are extended an exemption under the Residential Tenancies Act. The exemption permits a Tenancy Termination Agreement to be signed at the time that the lease is signed. In other words, if you are a tenant of a unit in the Landlord Contract Program, you will be agreeing to terminate your tenancy at the conclusion of the lease. Most landlords have a period of time in which they allow tenants to apply to be considered for a new lease on the same unit. Landlords with units in the program are required to provide a copy of the Landlord Program Contract to the tenants when signing the lease.

If you have questions about the program, including whether or not your unit is in it, please email or call our office.


Other features of the program include:

  1. Inspection holidays for consecutive years of membership, e.g. after five (5) consecutive years (no lapses) in good standing in the program (on a per unit basis), inspection is only required every other year;
  2. Priority placement on Queen’s Accommodation Listing Service (ALS) as well as units identified by special tri-colour flag logo;
  3. Preferred pricing for rental listings ($5/30 day ad vs. $35/30 day ad);
  4. Rent amount of unit to be included in contract and tracked year to year;
  5. Addressing timing issues by allowing units to be inspected up to two (2) months in advance of contract renewal date. New contracts must be fully executed (signed by landlord and Queen’s) prior to the expiration date of the existing contract;
  6. Letter sent by Community Housing directly to tenants of units in program at the beginning of each school year providing info on the program, stated rent amount, etc.;
  7. Requirement for new clauses in leases beginning in May 2011. The clause must indicate that the tenant(s) received a copy of the Landlord Contract from the landlord at the time of/prior to signing the lease (this is for the protection of both the tenant(s) and the landlord. We suggest having this as an initialed clause similar to receipt of keys), and; regarding ‘renting from the door’
  8. Program units will be listed on the Community Housing website by address (no landlord identification/information provided);
  9. Requirement to provide the City of Kingston Noise By-Law Information Sheet to tenants
  10. Information received from Campus security involving units in program to be shared with landlord/property manager of the unit;
  11. Letter sent by Community Housing directly to tenants when unit ceases to be in the program;
  12. Correspondence from University (via email) to program participants with information relevant to rental housing (e.g. enrolment changes, etc).

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The Residential Tenancies Act was enacted on January 31, 2007. A number of changes took place with this new piece of legislation,Section 37; relating to the use of termination agreements. Educational institutions were successful in their bid to receive an exemption where private landlords were not. Universities have been given the ability to pass along the privilege of using the termination agreement under certain circumstances to private landlords. Landlords must meet certain criteria before the University can pass along the privilege of using the termination agreement:

  1. The unit(s) to be rented must be inspected to meet minimum property standards by a certified property inspector.
  2. The landlord must enter into a contract with the University for each unit inspected and agree to adhere to certain conditions, including only raising rent by the guideline amount (per R.T.A.) even if tenants change.
  3. After entering into a contract with the University, landlords will have the ability to use a termination agreement for those units which contracts were entered into with the University that met minimum standards and other criteria listed on the contract
  4. receiving priority placement on the Queen’s Listing Service when advertising those units in the program (a preferred listing rate of $5/ad/30 days vs $35/ad/30 days is also provided)
  5. provide rental accommodation for periods suitable for students needs
    If the landlord breaches the agreement with the University it could impact the ability to use the services of Community Housing

Further details please contact Community Housing, at 613-533-2501 or by email.

A copy of the Community Housing privacy policy is available from our office.

Information on legal terminations of tenancies
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How to join and maintain your unit

The process for getting/keeping a unit on the program now begins with the completion of the Landlord Contract Program Application Form which the landlord provides to their chosen OAPSO Certified Property Standards Officer (CSPO) at the time of inspection. Once the unit passes, the CSPO completes the bottom portion of the application form and the landlord returns the document and any other required forms to our office to initiate preparation of the Agreement. A minimum of two weeks is required to process the paperwork. A non-refundable processing fee of $20/application is due at the time the application is submitted (must apply each year).
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Unit Addresses

The list below contains addresses for all units who have Queen’s Landlord Agreements on October 4, 2022.   If you have a question as to whether or not your unit is in the program, when it became effective, etc. please contact Community Housing by email at

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Related Documents

Sample Landlord Program Contract

Landlord Contract Program Application Form – This is the form to be used to apply to have your rental unit entered into the Queen’s Landlord Contract Program. You can (and should) have your unit inspected up to 60 days in advance of the “anniversary date” of the agreement. Please be sure to download a new form each year to ensure use of the most current form

Tenant Consent Form – This form is to be completed by the tenants currently residing in a unit that is new to the Landlord Contract Program. It should accompany the Application form if the current tenants have not provided a termination agreement.

Notification For Removal of Rental Unit Membership from the Landlord Contract Program Form – This form is to be used to notify Queen’s University or a rental unit being removed from membership in the Queen’s University Landlord Contract Program. Notification MUST be received 90 days prior to the effective removal date.

City of Kingston Noise By-Law Information Sheet – A copy of this information must be provided to tenants of units that are in the Landlord Contract Program at the time they sign a lease.

Listing Service Advertising Form – Use this form to complete information about the rental unit that you wish to have advertised on the Queen’s Listing Service (if to be entered by our staff, otherwise you may enter your own ad directly online here.)
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