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Utilities Kingston

University District Tenants:

To open or close a Utilities Kingston account, visit the Utilities Kingston website to complete their online form.

You will need to check your Tenancy Agreement for which utilities, if any, you are responsible for setting up.

The Tenant(s) agrees, where applicable, to enter into an agreement with the appropriate agencies/utility providers prior to taking possession of the Rental Unit for the supply of electrical power, gas or oil, water, sewage services, or any other facilities paid by the Tenant.

The Tenant(s) agrees to be responsible to these agencies/utility providers for all charges in relation to the supply of the aforementioned utilities services during the
occupancy of the Rental Unit by the Tenant.

Before you start, review this information to open or close your utility account. Please note, it can take between two to five business days to set up a new service. 

Check out UK’s moving web page for answers to all your moving-related questions.

Power Outages Map

Service interruptions can be viewed on the Utilities Kingston Outage Map

Utilities Kingston Service Area Map