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Bader College Students

Rental Housing Application 2023

First-year students studying at Bader College and returning back to campus in Kingston are given early access to Community Housing rentals with leases starting May 1st, 2024 until April 30th, 2025.

Priority is given to groups where everyone is arriving from Bader College, as we know it can be difficult to search for housing while abroad.

If your group is a mixture of Bader and non-Bader students, you are also welcome to apply, however priority is given to groups comprised of all Bader College students.

Please note, the types of units available vary year-to-year depending on which students are moving out. As such, there IS NO GUARANTEE THAT YOU WILL RECEIVE A HOUSING OFFER. Students joining households who are already in Kingston or those who miss the application deadline may try to secure a unit through the regular process.

You can learn more about our University District properties by visiting: University District Tenants – Community Housing (queensu.ca)

Table of Contents:

Types of Rentals

You can find an online 3D map of campus and all Community Housing properties here.

Allocation is based upon availability each year (according to units being vacated). Therefore, the number of any size unit cannot be predicted nor guaranteed. Please submit a first and second choice for the size unit you would prefer. Offers must be made and accepted for a particular size unit before the deadline below.

Community Housing has a range of apartments and houses from 1-Bedrooms up to 7-Bedrooms. The majority of our properties are in the 3-5 Bedroom range.


  • The Application deadline was Friday November 24, 2023, 12:00PM NOON (Eastern Daylight Savings Time) and is now closed. Applications submitted after this date will not be considered.


Each student in the group must complete a section of the Bader College May Lease Application Form. Please be sure to indicate a first and second choice of unit type for your group.

You do not rent ‘by the bedroom’ – you rent the entire house or apartment as a group. Therefore, Community Housing does not match students to fill groups or assign rooms. Groups are responsible for securing all members of the household required. We strongly recommend that you do not just “throw together a group” to fill a unit; it is best to choose your housemates carefully, see the Off-Campus Living Advisor website for more info and tips.

If you are applying for a unit with 6 bedrooms or more, please complete and submit two forms (both with the same Group Representative listed). Only complete applications will be processed.

Viewing Units Prior to Accepting your Lease Offer

If your group wishes to view the unit before signing a lease, a viewing appointment must be arranged prior to the deadlines provided in your offer letter. Only one viewing per group will be permitted.

Viewings can be done virtually (Facetime) or in person with a student/parent/friend that you elect to view the unit on your behalf (you must email community.housing@queensu.ca with a note authorizing them to view the unit for you).

Lease Considerations

Important things to consider before signing your lease:

  1. The Application will be available on this webpage between 9AM-4PM on October 23, 2023 (Eastern Daylight Savings Time).
  2. The deadline to apply is: NOON November 24, 2023 (Eastern Daylight Savings Time).
  3. Leases are for a fixed, one-year term.
  4. Eligibility requirements to reapply for another term: you must be a current active student, and in good-terms (no debts) to the University
  5. Applications will be assigned a number – in cases where the number of applications exceed the number of units in that category the unit will be allocated on a first come first serve basis.
  6. Offers will be emailed to the group: beginning late November 2023.
  7. Lease signing deadline: will be provided in your Lease Offer, and all signatures will be acquired digitally, through Adobe Sign
  8. Your lease term: 3PM May 1, 2024 to NOON April 30, 2025.
  9. All University Property is smoke-free (tobacco, cannabis, vaping) including Community Housing units as per the University’s Smoke Free Policy. You must leave University property to smoke.
  10. Units are unfurnished except for a fridge and stove. 
  11. Unit alterations:
    • The Tenant(s) agree not to make alterations of any kind, including but not limited to showerheads, bidets, ceiling fans, paint, wallpaper, locks (interior or exterior), light fixtures, or satellite dishes.
  12. Tenants are responsible for setting up their own internet & cable. Depending on the specific property, you may also be required to set up your own Utilities (heat, electricity, water) account:
  13. University Tenant(s) do not rent the grounds, balcony, porches or basements of a property.  You rent from the unit door in.  (The landlord reserves the right to control the use of the space surrounding the rental unit.)
  14. Early possession or early move-in of belongings is not permitted. Outgoing tenants must vacate by 12 noon on April 30, 2024 so that incoming tenants can take possession at 3 p.m. on May 1, 2024.
  15. All tenants are equally responsible (joint and several) for any unpaid debts (eg. rent, damage, cleaning). You do not rent by the bedroom, and as such you are responsible for the full monthly rent payment, any damages, and each other’s guests as a group. Choose your housemates wisely.
  16. You can only split monthly rent payments by all agreeing to sign up for Pre-Authorized Debit with our office: Tenant Forms – Community Housing (queensu.ca)
  17. There is NO guarantee for housing when an Application is submitted.


Please be advised of the on-going construction work on the JDUC (John Deutsch University Centre) when considering to lease with Community Housing for May 1, 2024. The JDUC renovations may or may not impact your stay with us, as noise, construction machinery, and traffic impacts continue throughout 2022, 2023, and 2024. The JDUC is located at the corner of Union St and University Ave, and is directly adjacent to the Community Housing office. All properties located on University Ave, Earl St, Alfred St, and Clergy St, are close enough to be impacted. You can read project updates on the Facilites website: JDUC Revitalization | Facilities (queensu.ca).

The John Deutsch University Centre (JDUC), located on the corner of University Avenue and Union Street, is used by students, staff, faculty, and alumni for a variety of purposes and is a key hub for student life at Queen’s. It is home to the Alma Mater Society, the Society of Graduate and Professional Students, the Office of the Rector, numerous student clubs, a pub, and a print and copy centre. At the heart of the JDUC is the ceilidh (pronounced kay’lee), a large open space where members of the community come together to celebrate, debate, innovate, and create. When complete in 2024, the renovated building will again house the student government offices, and feature dedicated Graduate Student space, accommodation for more than 100 student clubs, 6,000 square feet of new public study spaces, secure and discreet wellness spaces, a larger pub with a patio, an expanded Common Ground Coffee House and Tricolour Outlet.

Questions? Email us! community.housing@queensu.ca

Examples of Community Housing Property Interiors