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Simple Safety Tips

⬇️ Before you ‘buzz’ someone into the community, make sure you know who it is

Live in an apartment building or house with multiple units?

It’s not uncommon for strangers to deliver everything from your online shopping packages to your groceries and the dinner you ordered from the place down the street. There can be a lot of unknown people showing up at your apartment building. While your first instinct may be to welcome them into your lobby, be cautious. If you’re not expecting someone, please don’t let them into the building.   

⬇️ Report any solicitors and suspicious activity that you may see in and around your apartment  

If something doesn’t feel right, don’t be afraid to call Queen’s Campus Security or the police.

Many people think that security or police do not want to be called if you only suspect something suspicious is happening in the building. This is not true. Your safety and the safety of your neighbours is the most important thing! It’s always better to err on the side of caution.

⬇️ Let us know immediately of any needed repairs on locks, latches, doors, and windows

Windows closest to ground level have the highest chance of unwanted access, but check regularly that all your window and door locks are working correctly.  We also strongly encourage you NOT to leave exterior doors propped open. Our custodial staff check exterior doors frequently, and we often find rocks or sticks left in doors to keep them open.

Please ensure exterior doors close firmly behind you when entering and exiting the buildingIf you notice things left in the doors contact Community Housing representatives and let them know. It is okay to take a picture of the item in the door and then remove the item and dispose of it away from the entrance.

⬇️ Parcels / Packages

Not going to be home and expecting a package? You can have your packages (e.g., Amazon) delivered to your closest Post Office for pick-up, instead of directly to the building, delivery drivers will sometimes leave them in the lobby unattended. 

You can find a list of Kingston’s local post offices here: Canada Post or sign up for FlexDelivery: pickup at the post office | Personal | Canada Post

There are thieves who watch delivery vehicles drop off packages and then steal them, so not allowing this as a possibility reduces the chance of theft for you and your neighbours.

Amazon Hub Locker Locations

You can also order your Amazon purchases to be delivered to a near by Amazon Hub Locker

  • Downshift / Campus Book Store: 219 University Ave, Kingston, ON K7L 3P7
  • Kingston Centre Post Office: 1036 Princess St, Kingston, K7L 1H0
⬇️ Don’t leave valuables in your car

Always remove any valuables from your car, even if you are quickly running inside. This includes electronics, purses, wallets, clothing, sunglasses, keys, and shopping bags, which might be enticing for thieves. Store valuables in your trunk and out of sight, if you absolutely must keep them in your vehicle. Remember, even small change (quarters, loonies) that is visible from the car windows can be attractive to thieves.

⬇️ Install vehicle safety devices

A vehicle Immobilizer prevents a thief from starting your car without the key, which can prevent hot-wiring. Newer vehicles usually have these built-in, but you may want to explore buying aftermarket immobilizers for older vehicles. Another device you can purchase is a steering wheel lock that attaches to your steering wheel and immobilizes it until it is unlocked.  

⬇️ Check on your bicycle frequently

If you keep your bike locked up outside, ensure that you are checking on it frequently for signs of tampering or damage, as thieves may steal the wheels or your bike seat without taking the entire bike. Invest in a good bike lock, and report any suspicious people around the bike racks.

⬇️ Register your bike with 529 Garage

No matter where you store your bike, you are encouraged to register your bike with 529 Garage, through the City of Kingston & Kingston Police. The service is free, and only requires an email address.   You can learn more about from the City of Kingston’s website on bicycle locking, and from their video below for some tips on how to lock your bicycle:

Bicycle Locking Tips

Student Community Relations

Off-Campus Safety

Off-Campus Safety | Student Community Relations (queensu.ca)

Off-Campus Living Advisor

Safety At Home Tips

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Key Contacts & Reporting:

  • Dial 911 for life-threatening emergency response (Police, Fire and Rescue, Ambulance)
  • Dial 613-533-6111 for on campus emergency response by Campus Security
  • Kingston Police non-emergency reporting: Non-Emergency Reporting – Kingston Police
  • Campus Security Non-Emergency Line / General Inquiries: 613-533-6733
  • Community Housing: 613-533-2501 / community.housing@queensu.ca