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Move-In Information | May 1 2024

Table of Contents:

  1. Key Pick Up: Date & Time
  2. Key Pick Up: Location
  3. Arriving after 5PM on May 1st?
  4. Rent Payments
  5. Your Lease & Tenant Handbook
  6. Parking
    • How to get a Community Housing Parking Permit
  7. Be advised: University Avenue is CLOSED
  8. Your Unit: Frequently Asked Questions
    • Unit Preparation
    • Unit Condition Report (UCR)
    • Utilities Kingston
    • Additional Appliance Request Form
    • Internet Service Providers
    • Laundry Rooms
    • Pets
    • Garbage & Recycling
    • Parcels & Packages
    • Non-Smoking Reminder
    • Monthly E-News
  9. Unit Alternations (Paint, wallpaper, bedroom door locks)
  10. Maintenance Requests
  11. Community Relations and Behavioral Expectations
  12. Map of the University District

Please read carefully through the information below before you come for your move-in day.

Important Information | Key Pick Up, Rent, & More

Key Pick-Up:

  • WHEN: Wednesday, May 1st between 3:00pm and 5:00pm
  • Keys will not be issued early. We will not make any exceptions.


  • WHERE: Community Housing Office located at 169 University Ave.
  • In past years the line-up has extended up University Ave. Please be prepared to wait outside, rain or shine!

Arriving after 5:00PM?

  • Beginning Thursday, May 2nd, keys will be available at the Community Housing office during normal business hours, Monday through Friday, 9:00AM – 4:00PM.
  • After hours pick up can be arranged via lock-box. You must contact our office no later than 48hrs in advance of required key pick-up time.

One Person Per Household:

  • All the key sets for the unit will be issued to the first tenant who comes into the office. Only one tenant from the unit is required to be present.
  • Photo ID will be required to receive the keys.


  • Due to required maintenance work, some properties have a planned LATE lease start in June, July or August.
  • Please refer to your SPECIFIC EMAIL INSTRUCTIONS with the details of your move-in date and key pick-up information.
  • This information will be specific to you and your address.
  • Keys will not be issued early. We will not make any exceptions.

Are you Considering Moving in Late?

If you are planning on picking up your keys at a later date (some students wait until the end of August), please LET US KNOW.

If you will be arriving AFTER May 1, please email us at community.housing@queensu.ca with the subject line “Late Arrival – Unit Number” where Unit Number is your apartment address (eg Late Arrival – 99 University Avenue). In the body of your email please be sure to include your full name and planned arrival date.

Rent Payments

  • Rent for May is due May 1st.
  • You will be required to pay May rent when you arrive to pick up your keys.
  • We recommend all tenants sign up for Pre-Authorized Debit (PAD) by APRIL 15th to have your rent automatically deducted from your account(s).
  • Rent payments received after May 2nd will be considered late. Late fees will apply.

University District Tenant Handbook

The University District Tenant Handbook is an integral part of your lease and can be viewed on-line. We strongly encourage you to read/review it in its entirety before you arrive as it will help ensure that you get off to your tenancy properly.

Parking Registration

To receive a parking permit for ANY location you will need to bring:

  • (1) proof of vehicle registration in your own name or a parent with the same last name, and
  • (2) license plate number

  • There is limited parking spaces available for Tenants.
  • Parking privileges apply only to the tenant issued the parking permit hang tag and in the appropriate tenant designated parking area.
  • There is no visitors parking in the University District. You will need to find street parking through the City.
  • All vehicles registered with Community Housing must display a valid parking permit hang tag in the vehicle window at all times.
  • Where this privilege is granted, it is not transferable to another vehicle, person and/or property group eg., An Clachan, John Orr Tower. Tenant designated parking lots and driveways are monitored weekdays, Monday to Friday from 7 am to 5 pm by Queen’s Parking Services.
  • Unregistered vehicles parked in tenant parking areas are subject to municipal tickets and towing of said vehicle at the owner’s risk and expense.
  • At this time, Community Housing is not charging an additional parking fee to tenants.  Parking fees may be subject to change at a later date.

How to get a Parking Permit from Community Housing: 

  • Parking Permits will be available at the Main Office beginning Monday, May 6th during regular business hours (9AM-4PM).
  • Failure to obtain a Parking Permit after Friday May 10th will result in Parking Services issuing your vehicle a ticket.
  • Tenants will need to provide Community Housing with proof of original vehicle registration in their own name or a parent with the same last name and license plate number.
  • Parking privileges apply only to the person issued the tenant parking permit hang tag and in the appropriate tenant designated parking areas for this property group.
  • All vehicles registered with Community Housing and must display a valid parking permit hang tag in the vehicle window at all times.
  • Tenant designated parking lots and driveways are monitored weekdays, Monday to Friday from 7 am to 5 pm by Queen’s Parking Services.

University Ave CLOSED

Due to the construction site at the John Deutsch University Centre (JDUC), located on the corner of University Avenue and Division Street, the section of University Avenue between Earl St and Union St is closed.

Please be sure to abide by all municipal parking rules. Do not park on the road, as City Bylaw will issue tickets to those parked illegally.

Your Unit | Frequently Asked Questions

Your Unit FAQ

Unit Preparation:
Although every effort is made to provide a clean unit for your move-in, occasionally there may be a problem.
If you have concerns about the cleanliness of the apartment upon your arrival, please mail us at: community.housing@queensu.ca and we will work with you to address the issue.

Unit Condition Report (UCR):
Please be reminded that we require return of the unit condition report within seven days of your tenancy start date.
The deadline to return the UCR would be May 8th. Instructions for completing the UCR are on the reverse side of the form.
Please read carefully and be sure to document the condition of the unit in detail. Work orders for maintenance can be submitted on-line. Please note, with the high volume of work orders in May and September, staff will prioritize the requests and attend to them as soon as possible.
Please be reminded that alterations (including painting, bedroom door locks, affixing shelves to walls, etc) are prohibited and will be considered damage. Only free standing shelving units are permitted.

Utilities Kingston
Visit Utilities Kingston – Community Housing (queensu.ca) for information on how to set up a Utilities Kingston account.

Additional Appliances + Air Conditioning Units
You are required to request permission for extra appliances (i.e. mini-fridge, chest freezer, air conditioner).
Find the Additional Appliance Request Form here: Tenant Forms – Community Housing (queensu.ca)

You can find a list of local internet providers here: Kingston Internet Service Providers – Community Housing (queensu.ca)

Pets are permitted.
We ask that you be respectful of others by using muzzles, leashes, etc. as appropriate and of course, cleaning up after your pet!

Laundry Rooms
Laundry Rooms – Community Housing

Two laundry rooms are provided for the exclusive use of students living in our University District rentals. These facilities are located in the basement of:
– 153 Alfred, and
– 170 Barrie.

Please visit Coinamatic for Service Requests or for Refund Requests.

All tenants are required to download the Coinamatic CP mobile app from Apple Store or Google Play to pay for their washing and drying.
For those without a smartphone, you will be able to purchase a new laundry card directly from a Card Reload Kiosk – located at Victoria Hall.

Parcels and Packages
Please do not have any packages/mail sent to your new address until you are in possession of the unit as it is likely to be returned to sender by the current tenant.

To avoid theft, we recommend you sign up for: FlexDelivery: pickup at the post office | Canada Post

Gabage & Recycling
Download the Kingston Waste App to get your garbage/recycling schedules and reminders sent right to your phone. Enter your address to get custom notifications for your location.

YOU are responsible for purchasing your own garbage bin. Ensure it is labelled with your address and has a secure lid to keep out squirrels/rats/mice/raccoons/other pests. The City of Kingston does monitor the University District for property standards violations, including improperly stored garbage/recycling. Charges will be passed on to the tenant(s).

Non-Smoking Buildings
As a reminder, all of Queen’s University is non-smoking. This includes all Community Housing properties.

Smoking is prohibited everywhere inside and outside on Queen’s property. If you choose to smoke, you must do so outside and a minimum of 9 meters from the building and off Queen’s property.

Monthly E-News
In an effort to keep tenants informed we send an email update on the last Thursday of each month. Please be sure to keep an eye open for this beginning in May. This will help ensure that you meet the responsibilities of your lease and keep informed of maintenance projects, etc.

Know Your Lease | Maintenance, Damages & Community Relations

Unit Alterations:

  • As per your Tenancy Agreement, you are not permitted to make any alterations of any kind to you house/unit.
  • This includes, but is not limited to, showerheads, bidets, ceiling fans, paint, wallpaper, adding locks (interior or exterior), light fixtures, or satellite dishes.
  • Alterations will be considered damage to the unit, and you will be held liable for any and all costs that may be incurred as a result of restoring the Rental Unit to its original condition. Such alterations shall be deemed damage to the Rental Unit and may also be considered substantial interference with a lawful right, privilege or interest of the Landlord (RTA s. 64).

Maintenance Requests

You can submit an online Maintenance Request by visiting our website.

Community Housing has a full maintenance department dedicated to the upkeep of all of our properties. The volume of work order requests in September/May is very high. Maintenance staff will review received requests and address them as required on a priority basis. Generally, items related to safety, heat, etc. are addresses first.

We thank you for your patience.

For after-hours EMERGENCY requests ONLY, please call 613.533.6080. 

Community Relations & Behavioral Expectations

You rent from the ‘Door In’ — meaning your rental unit is the interior of the unit only.

This does not include decks, porches, roofs, patios or any other of the exterior appendages of the building or any of the land owned by the Landlord immediately contiguous to the Building. The Tenant(s) shall have a right of way over the land owned by the Landlord and any appendage to the Building required to gain access to the Building during the period of the tenancy.

It is strictly prohibited to use basements, balconies and roofs of the Rental Unit.

Familiarize yourself with the local bylaws regarding noise, partying, and the Queen’s Non-Academic Misconduct Office:

Map of the University District

You can find a 3D map of all Community Housing properties in the University District here: Campus Map | Queen’s University

On behalf of the Community Housing Team, welcome to Community Housing!

We wish you all the best in your academic year ahead. Safe travels to Kingston, and we hope the weather will cooperate on your move-in day!

Community Housing

Housing and Ancillary Services, Queen’s University
Email Address: community.housing@queensu.ca
Mail Address: 169 University Ave., Kingston, ON, K7L 3N6
Phone: 613-533-2501; Fax: 613-533-2196