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Landlord Listing Service

The Accommodation Listing Service acts as a vehicle for advertising accommodation available in the Kingston area for students and landlords. Detailed rental units lists are updated and compiled daily. Listings are available online only through the search tool.

Queen’s does not endorse or warrant the quality of the rental units provided through this listing service. It is a tool to help students in need of rental accommodation to connect with landlords who have rental properties available. We strongly encourage students to become informed consumers by reading available materials, asking questions, etc. The Queen’s Student Community Relations Office has many links to resources for prospective student renters in this regard.

Queen’s University does operate a Landlord Contract Program. Units that are in the program and advertised on this listing service have been inspected by an independent third party for compliance with City of Kingston Property Standards. They are identified by the tri-colour flag logo on their listing.

How to advertise

If you listed a property with us between January 15/10 to present: There may be an account already set up for you. You will become aware of this if you try to register and are told that your email exists in the system already. If that occurs, click here and enter the email address you used for your listing, for Secret Question choose “Favourite Pet’s Name” (unless you changed it, in which case you will need to choose the secret question that you chose and enter the appropriate response) and then enter dog as the answer. Your username and password will be sent to your email address. If your email address is not recognized, you will need to register again.

To Register a new account: Register for an account online to create and pay for your own listings.

To have our staff enter your ad: Please complete and submit the Advertising Form for each unit to be advertised, along with the appropriate fees. Please note, once the ad is posted, any changes (other than those required due to incorrect entry of information by our office) will result in additional advertising fees. Please be sure to review your information before submitting.

Completed forms and payments should be brought/mailed to Community Housing at
169 University Ave, Kingston, ON, K7L 3N6. While we endeavour to have your ad posted as soon as possible, due to high traffic volumes please allow up to 3 business days from the time we receive the advertisement for it to appear on the listing service.

FAQ For Listing Service

Please email community.housing@queensu.ca

Related Documents

Sample Queen’s Landlord Agreement (Landlord Contract Program)

Application for Queen’s Landlord Contract Program  – This is the form to be used to apply to have your rental unit entered into the Queen’s Landlord Contract Program. You can (and should) have your unit inspected up to 60 days in advance of the “anniversary date” of the agreement. Please be sure to download a new form each year to ensure use of the most current form

Tenant Consent Form – This form is to be completed by the tenants currently residing in a unit that is new to the Landlord Contract Program. It should accompany the Application form if the current tenants have not provided a termination agreement.

Notification For Removal of Rental Unit Membership from the Landlord Contract Program Form – This form is to be used to notify Queen’s University or a rental unit being removed from membership in the Queen’s University Landlord Contract Program.  Notification MUST be received 90 days prior to the effective removal date.

Noise By-law Information Sheet – A copy of this information must be provided to tenants of units that are in the Landlord Contract Program at the time they sign a lease.

Listing Service Advertising Form – Use this form to complete information about the rental unit that you wish to have advertised on the Queen’s Listing Service (if to be entered by our staff, otherwise you may enter your own ad directly online here.)