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John Orr Tower



John Orr Tower is a 16 story apartment building containing 123 one bedroom apartments, (typical layout shown, there may be some variation in apartments) each with a balcony. The apartments are designed to minimize the financial outlay for furnishing and maintenance while providing an attractive and comfortable atmosphere. Unfurnished apartments are equipped with refrigerators and stoves; there are also furnished units available complete with furniture.

John Orr is mainly populated by student couples and single students. Please note these units may pose a risk for children. This building is compliant with all standards and codes, but is 16 stories high, has balconies and windows which are accessible to children. There are no public play areas available.

John Orr Tower is located off of Sir John A MacDonald Drive and is a prominent feature of Queen's west campus. Tenants may take advantage of the many west-campus recreational facilities such as tennis courts, track, gym. It is approximately a 20 minute walk from main campus.

John Orr Tower is classified as a student residence. Therefore, for income tax purposes, a maximum of $25 per year may be claimed for rent.

Current tenants who wish to be considered for a new lease MUST submit an application each year (typically in February/March for September leases).

Application Process and Eligibility