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Looking for a place to live

How to Search
Before you start your search for the ideal place you should consider:

  • how many people you want to live with
  • select whom you want to live with
  • have an idea where you are wanting to live
  • how much rent you can afford without giving up grocery, entertainment and school supplies
  • develop the skills necessary to be able to evaluate the accommodation and landlord
  • Be selective, use the accommodation checklist to compare units you visit.
  • Talk to the current tenants.

Know what you are able to ask of the landlord and what the landlord can expect from you.

Be aware of what is expected of you as a tenant in the Kingston Community. For example know when your garbage/recycle days are and Kingston’s noise by-laws.

It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that the prospective accommodation is appropriate, suitable and safe.

There are two peak leasing seasons in Kingston – for September 1st and May 1st. Be mindful of these times and start searching early to avoid disappointment.

We recommend that you also check out the Student Community Relations website. They have many resources about finding a suitable place, picking house mates as well they have a peer lease reader program.

Useful Resources for Your Housing Search

Expand your search through using some of the resources below.

Local Newspapers

– The Kingston Whig-Standard
– Kingston This Week
– The Queen’s Journal

Bulletin Boards on Campus. Some locations to look:

– The libraries
– Coffee shops

Yellow Pages of the Kingston Telephone Directory

– Look under Real Estate Management

Housing in Kingston & Frontenac County

– The Community Information Centre

Word of Mouth