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Landlord Contract Program – Features


Other features of the Program include:

  1. Inspection holidays for consecutive years of membership, e.g. after five (5) consecutive years (no lapses) in good standing in the program (on a per unit basis), inspection is only required every other year;
  2. Priority placement on Queen’s Listing Service as well as units identified by special tri-colour flag logo;
  3. Preferred pricing for rental listings ($5/30 day ad vs. $35/30 day ad);
  4. Rent amount of unit to be included in contract and tracked year to year;
  5. Addressing timing issues by allowing units to be inspected up to two (2) months in advance of contract renewal date. New contracts must be fully executed (signed by landlord and Queen’s) prior to the expiration date of the existing contract;
  6. Letter sent by Community Housing directly to tenants of units in program at the beginning of each school year providing info on the program, stated rent amount, etc.;
  7. Requirement for new clauses in leases beginning in May 2011. The clause must indicate that the tenant(s) received a copy of the Landlord Contract from the landlord at the time of/prior to signing the lease (this is for the protection of both the tenant(s) and the landlord. We suggest having this as an initialed clause similar to receipt of keys), and; regarding ‘renting from the door’
  8. Program units will be listed on the Community Housing website by address (no landlord identification/information provided);
  9. Requirement to provide the City of Kingston Noise By-Law Information Sheet to tenants
  10. Information received from Campus security involving units in program to be shared with landlord/property manager of the unit;
  11. Letter sent by Community Housing directly to tenants when unit ceases to be in the program;
  12. Correspondence from University (via email) to program participants with information relevant to rental housing (e.g. enrolment changes, etc).