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Core Rentals – (Near Campus Neighbourhood)

The University-owned Core rental properties are located in the vicinity of main campus and are available for rent to Queen's students. The type of accommodation available, ranging in size from bachelor apartments to 7 bedroom houses, varies year-to-year. Some units have utilities included while others do not.

Multi-bedroom units are rented to a group of students who apply together on a one student to one bed ratio. Students are jointly and severally liable for all provisions of the lease for the unit; that is to say it is a "same lease" as opposed to each student within a unit having a separate lease.

Available properties vary year to year and will be listed as they become available. Applications are not accepted in advance of the property listing and are property specific. Submitting an application for a unit is your agreement to sign a lease on that unit if your application is approved by the University; applications are processed on a first come, first serve basis. If you have any questions about this process, please email us.

Our Core rental properties are classified as a student residence.  Therefore, for income tax purposes, a maximum of $25 per year may be claimed for rent.

Please note, leases for Core units are 12 month fixed-term leases running from 3:00 p.m. May 1 to 12:00 pm (NOON) April 30.