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Core Rental Application Process



The rental units available in the Core vary from year-to-year depending on renewals by current tenants and/or needs of the University. The information below illustrates the process for allocating properties that do become available through this process. Please note, the process outlined below does not apply to BISC students or to current tenants in the Core. Please click here for information for BISC priority allocation.

Application = Offer to Lease

Beginning late November, available Core rental units will be advertised on the Community Housing Listing Service. Interested students may contact our office per the requirements in the listing ad to book an appointment to view a unit. Applications will be processed on a first come, first serve basis. IMPORTANT: By submitting an application for a unit, the applicants are agreeing to sign a lease for the unit on the University's normal terms and conditions IF the application is approved. The application is the applicants' Offer to Lease the unit from the Landlord.

Signing a Lease in Subsequent Periods

In order to sign a lease in future periods, tenants MUST apply during the current tenant re-application period (information is sent to tenants in early November), be offered and sign a new lease. Factors such as behaviour and rent payment history are also taken into account. Please be mindful of these things when deciding on who you will choose to live with. Any rent increase in subsequent lease periods will be dependent on the percentage of ORIGINAL household members who sign a lease for the subsequent period. Where re-application is received by the deadline and more than 50% of the ORIGINAL household is vacating, the current tenant(s) acknowledge and agree that if a new lease is offered, rent for the new lease will be at the new market rent as determined by Community Housing, see example below.

Lease Period – Year 1 Lease Period – Year 2 Lease Period – Year 3
Person A A reapplied A did not reapply
Person B B reapplied B did not reapply
Person C C reapplied C reapplied
Person D D did not reapply
E New Person applied E reapplied
This group constitutes the “Original Household Less than 50% of the “Original Household“ from Year 1 vacating. Greater than 50% of the “Original Household” from Year 1 are vacating, a lease is offered to Year 3 at market rent. This group forms a new “original household”