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Core May Leases
Group Representative
Unit Viewing
Things to consider before leasing
An Clachan & John Orr Tower

Core May Leases

The following applies to groups comprised predominately of current BISC students who apply by the priority application deadline noted below. Students joining households who are already in Kingston or those who miss the priority application deadline may try to secure a unit through the regular process.

Allocation is based upon availability each year (according to units being vacated). Therefore the number of any size unit cannot be predicted nor guaranteed. Please submit a first and second choice for the size unit you would prefer. Offers must be made and accepted for a particular size unit before the deadline below. The remaining units have deadlines for continuing in the May 1st allocation process.

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Group Representative

Students may apply individually for bachelor or 1-bedroom units. For larger units (2-bedroom and up), the first person listed on the application will be the representative (at the castle) for the group. All correspondence from our office will be sent to the Group Representative until your tenancy begins; this reduces the number of interactions required and allows for quicker responses on our end. 

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Each student in the group must complete a section of the BISC May Lease Application Form. Please be sure to indicate a first and second choice of unit type for your group. Community Housing does not match students to fill groups or assign rooms. Groups are responsible for securing all members of the household required. We strongly recommend that you do not just "throw together a group" to fill a unit; it is best to choose your housemates carefully, see the Student Community Relations Website for more info and tips. If you are applying for a unit with 6 bedrooms or more, please complete and submit two forms (both with the same Group Representative listed). Only complete applications will be processed.

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Viewing units prior to accepting

If your group wishes to view the unit before signing a lease, a viewing appointment must be arranged prior to the deadlines provided in your offer letter. Only one viewing per group will be permitted and there will be no access provided to the unit after the lease is signed (until the move in day). If no one from your group is able to make it, you may authorize someone (parent/friend) to view the unit on your behalf by emailing their information to community.housing@queensu.ca with a note authorizing them to view the unit for you. The same requirements apply in respect to setting up a viewing appointment.

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Things to Consider Before Leasing

  1. If you have any further inquiries, feel free to contact our office by email at  community.housing@queensu.ca
  2. Your deadline to apply is: November 24, 2017 – state 1st and 2nd choice
  3. Applications will be assigned a number – in cases where the number of applications exceed the number of units in that category a random draw will be done to allocate units
  4. Offers with leases, for successful applicants, will be emailed to the group representative: beginning November 27, 2017.
  5. Units may be viewed: Please contact our office at least 2 business days in advance to set up appointments. Viewing times – Monday to Friday, 1:00 pm to 6:30 pm.*Please note: This will be your only opportunity to view the unit prior to moving in.*
  6. Please include all applicable forms (e.g. Authorization Form)
  7. Lease signing deadline: will be provided in your offer letter- see web for details and Authorization forms – http://community.housing.queensu.ca/new-tenants/other-tenant-related-forms/
  8. Leases are for a one-year fixed-term.   Your lease period would be 3 PM May 1, 2018 to NOON April 30, 2019.
  9. All units are unfurnished except for fridge and stove.
  10. University tenants do not rent the grounds, balcony, porches, or basements of a property.   They rent from the unit door in.   (The landlord reserves the right to control the use of the space surrounding the rental unit.)
  11. Units cannot be altered (eg. painted, locks changed) without the advanced written permission of the landlord.
  12. Early possession or early move-in of belongings is not permitted. Outgoing tenants must vacate by 12 noon on April 30, 2018 so that incoming tenants can take possession at 3 p.m. on May 1, 2018.
  13. All tenants are equally responsible (joint and several) for any unpaid debts (eg. cleaning, damage and rent).
  14. There is NO guarantee for housing in the Core for BISC students.

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An Clachan and John Orr Tower – Typically September 1 lease start, *Limited May 1 Rentals Available*

John Orr Tower – 1 bedroom apartments only

An Clachan Complex – 1, 2, & 3 bedroom apartments

Please e-mail enquiries to community.housing@queensu.ca

  1. Unfurnished units require a 1 year fixed term lease; Furnished units also available (including limited number of 8 month lease terms).
  2. You may mail or fax the completed application to the Housing Office (613.533.2196).
  3. All utility payments are included in the rental fee (heat, lights, water)
  4. Parking: An Clachan has free parking as well as some reserved spots requiring a yearly fee. All vehicles must be registered with Community Housing to obtain a parking permit. John Orr Tower parking must be arranged through the Queen's Parking Office.
  5. John Orr Tower – first priority is couples, then single students. John Orr Tower is not suitable for children.
  6. Allocations are based upon priority, according to the date of returned applications.
  7. An Clachan – first priorty for 1 bedroom units is couples (+1 child only), then single students; for 2 and 3 bedroom units it is couples with children, then couples, then single students.
  8. Your acceptance of an offer to rent must be returned within a specified time frame. If a response has not been received when the time has elapsed, an offer for that unit is sent to the next person on the waiting list.


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