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Information for Tenants NOT Applying (or not eligible) for a New September Lease


Tenants who have not applied for and/or who have not been offered a new lease must vacate their apartment no later than 12:00 p.m. (that is NOON, not midnight!) per the terms of your current lease agreement eg., December 20, April 30, August 31. More information around move-out requirements will be sent to tenants as the end of lease term approaches.

Assignments & Sublets

Tenants must receive permission from Community Housing before being able to advertise their unit for assignment or sublet. Applicants for the unit must also be approved. Tenants should not advertise anything related to "renewal option", "ability to sign new lease," etc. These requests must be directed to the Community Housing Office.

Please note, even if you vacate early you remain responsible for all terms of your lease until the termination date.


Selling/Leaving Furniture for New Tenants

Per your lease agreement, the rental unit must be returned to Community Housing vacant – this includes being emptied of all contents.

If you wish to sell items to the incoming tenants, those items will need to be removed from the unit by the vacate deadline and brought back into the unit after the new tenant takes possession. We do not have the space to provide storage in these circumstances so it will be up to you and the incoming tenant to best determine how to handle the situation. Any and all items that are left in the unit upon vacating will be considered abandoned and will be discarded. The costs associated with disposing of such items will be charged to the outgoing tenant(s).