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Full Move Out – CORE

Take Note of Critical Deadlines
Plan Ahead
Understanding What is Required
Expectation of Vacant Possession
Expectation for Key Return
Helpful information
Items left Behind

If you are in a core rental (student village) property and ALL Tenants are vacating please read about how to prepare for your move out below. Please familiarize yourself with these procedures as failure to follow the necessary steps below may result in additional charges being assessed for cleaning and/or damages. Should you have any questions, pleas do not hesitate to email community.housing@queensu.ca.

Click here for a pdf of the move out information.

If you are in a core rental (student village) property and PART of the household has entered into an new lease and Part of the household is leaving please click here.

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Take Note of Critical Deadlines

  • Vacate rental unit NO LATER than 12:00 Noon on the FINAL Day of your lease term
  • Return all sets of keys to the Community Housing Office at 169 University  NO LATER than 12:00 Noon on the FINAL Day of your lease term
  • Final Inspection of Unit (As vacant possession is received with the return of keys
  • Contractual arrangements you may have (i.e. with Bell Canada, Cogeco, etc.). There may be critical timelines that you need to adhere to to avoid delay and unnecessary charges to the account holder. You must maintain your utilities until the final day of your lease term.

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Plan Ahead

  • Arrange for help to pack, move and clean – assign common areas of the unit to housemates to clean before vacating
  • Book moving vans
  • Arrange for disconnects (cable, phone, utilities, etc.). Remember, your utilities must be maintained until the final day of your lease term.
  • change of address.

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Understand What is Required

Responsibilities per your Lease and the Residential Tenancies Act (RTA)

All tenants of this uint will be held jointly and severally responsible for any debt incurred form the tenancy. Regardless of which individual household member may have caused th charge, all tenants are considered liable until the account is paid.

Responsibilities as residents in the City of Kingston

City Property Standards "Yards by-law" prohibits anyone from using any land or structure within the City to dispose of garbage, refuse, indus- trial and domestic waste. Domestic waste includes items such as refrigerators, stoves, furniture, paper. Anyone throwing, placing or de- positing debris on any private or municipal property with the City can be charged under a second bylaw that covers illegal dumping. Both by-laws carry a penalty of up to $5,000. The City is moving towards more stringent enforcement and will issue orders, and/or move directly to charges against property owners in violation of these bylaws. Additionally, should debris be left at the property an administration fee of $100 PLUS the cost of clean-up will be applied.

Bagged Garbage – place bagged garbage at the curbside on your usual collection day. Remember the 1 bag limit. Additional bagged gar- bage will be collected if it is tagged. Garbage tags are available for a nominal fee and can be purchased at the AMS Office, Freddies Grocery or at City Hall.

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Expectation of Vacant Possession

  • All contents, occupants, furniture removed
  • Unit thoroughly cleaned, ready for occupancy by new tenant(s)

Failure to provide vacant possession will result in holdover charges of $50 plus $20 for each hour late, lock change/key charges, rent for each day holding over, any legal costs incurred, any displacement costs to the incoming tenant, cleaning charges, in addition to any costs incurred for removal of furniture, personal belongings and other miscellaneous items left in the unit, including items that are to be sold or given away to friends, roommates, incoming tenants, etc.
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Expectation for Key Return

ALL issued sets to this unit must be returned as a complete package at the same time at the end of the tenancy (e.g. with the last person to leave) no later than 12:00 pm NOON on final day of your lease term.

Failure to do so will result in the locks being replaced at a cost to the outgoing tenant(s). Once the lock change has been initiated, the charge will remain and is not refundable.

Items Left Behind
Please note, all items left in the unit/hallway outside your apartment after it is vacated will be discarded. All associated costs for removal, disposal, etc. will be charged to the tenants.

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Helpful Information

Each member of the unit should be responsible for cleaning their bedroom and a common area. Divide up the common areas of the house and assign them in advance so the last person left in the house is not responsible for all the cleaning. No Time for Cleaning? Consider contacting a cleaning company. Vacating your unit without thoroughly cleaning it first can result in significant charges (there have been instances in the past where units have been billed $500 or more for cleaning and carpets).

Cleaning Requirements Kitchen

  • stove/oven – inside oven, oven racks, top and outer surfaces of stove, burner bowls, underneath burner bowls, vent hood and floor under the stove
  • refrigerator/freezer – inside, including shelves and drawers, top and all outer surfaces
  • sink, including faucet fixtures
  • cabinets/drawers – inside, top and all outer surfaces
  • counter top
  • window sill(s) (where applicable)
  • floor

Suggested cleaning products include stainless steel cleaner for sink and burner bowls, all-purpose cleaner for the floor, cabinets, drawers, counter tops, refrigerator/freezer, stove and vent hood (where applicable) and oven cleaner for the oven

Bedroom(s), Living Room, Dining Room, Hall and Entry Way Areas (where applicable)

  • vacuum & clean carpet in all rooms, including inside the closets
  • sweep and damp mop floors
  • clean closet shelves, baseboards, wall heating units, windows and window sills

An all-purpose cleaner is suggested to remove stains and fingerprints on doors and door frames.


  • sinks, toilet, bathtub/shower, all faucet fixtures
  • mirrors and medicine cabinets
  • cabinets/drawers – inside, top and all outer surfaces – counter top
  • floors

Suggested cleaning products include non-abrasive bathroom cleaners for tub/shower and sinks and an all-purpose cleaner, for the floors, cabinets, drawers and countertop. Mr. Clean Magic sponges work particularly well!

Basement, storage room(s), porches, sheds, garages (where applicable)

  • remove all debris, recyclables, furniture, any tenant(s) appliances (air conditioner, mini fridges, freezers, etc), along with any miscellaneous items
  • sweep

For Large Article Disposal / Storage Facilities

For Residential Cleaning

For a handy cleaning checklist.

A guide for planning your move-out.

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Items Left Behind

Please note, all items left in the unit after it is vacated will be discarded. All associated costs for removal, disposal, etc. will be charged to the tenants.

*Detailed instruction regarding moving out of a Community Housing property will be delivered to each vacating unit prior to the end of the lease term.


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