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Looking for a Place to Live?

May 1st accommodation generally starts being listed by late January early February and continues until May. The majority of May 1st rentals are advertised during February/March, as tenants are required to give 2 months notice.

September 1st accommodation generally starts being listed by late May early June and continues until September. The majority of September 1st rentals are advertised during June/July, as tenants are required to give 2 months notice.

University Owned Properties
Queen’s University provides a variety of rental options to students. All rental units are governed by the Residential Tenancies Act (2006) and are one-year fixed-term leases. An Clachan and John Orr Tower run on September to August leases while Student Village units run on May to April leases. For more information on how to apply for University-owned rental units, click here.

Information on eligibility, applications, rent and more can be found by clicking on the link for each property above.

Properties Offered by Kingston Landlords

Queen’s operates an Accommodations Listing Service which allows landlords to advertise their vacant rental units to students. Rental properties on this searchable list are not endorsed in anyway or inspected by Queen’s. The service is provided as a tool for students seeking accommodation.

Queen’s runs a voluntary Landlord Contract Program for landlords who have had their units inspected by an independent third party for compliance with the City of Kingston’s property standards by-law. This By-law describes standards for such items as pest prevention, structural soundness, windows and doors, kitchens, walls, ceilings, floors, egress, steps, handrails, heating systems, bathrooms, ventilation, and yards.  For example section 5.3 dictates that using a cellar as a habitable room (e.g. bedroom) is illegal. The tri-colour flag logo next to a listing on our listings service indicates that the unit is part of the Program and as such has been inspected within the last 12 months and appears to meet the City’s minimum property standards as of a specific date.

How to Search

Before you start your search for the ideal place you should consider:

  • how many people you want to live with
  • select whom you want to live with
  • have an idea where you are wanting to live
  • how much rent you can afford without giving up grocery, entertainment and school supplies
  • develop the skills necessary to be able to evaluate the accommodation and landlord Be selective, use the accommodation checklist to compare units you visit.Talk to the current tenants.

Know what you are able to ask of the landlord and what the landlord can expect from you.

Be aware of what is expected of you as a tenant in the Kingston Community e.g., garbage/recycle days, noise by-laws.

It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that the prospective accommodation is appropriate, suitable and safe.

We recommend that you also check out the Queen’s Town-Gown website.

Useful Links/Sources
Local Newspapers

Bulletin Boards on Campus

Yellow Pages of the Kingston Telephone Directory

Housing in Kingston & Frontenac County

Word of Mouth

There are two peak leasing periods in Kingston – May 1st and September 1st.